Freedom Meat Lockers & Sausage Company
Est: 1970
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Welcome to Freedom Meat Lockers &Sausage Co.

Owners: Howard and Debbie Walker

Est: 1970

831-724-4355 Main #
831-724-1167 Deli

Open Tuesday-Saturday 9-6 pm
Closed Sunday and Monday

Thank you for your interest in Freedom Meat & Sausage Co. We are located in Freedom, CA and have been family owned and operated since 1970.

We produce the finest smoked meats available. They are cured, smoked and cooked naturally here in our own shop - with no additives or fillers such as cereal, soy bean or powdered milk. Only U.S.D.A. government inspected beef and pork are used under strict state inspection. We are a full line butcher shop, selling retail to the public.

No order is too small or too large. Steaks, roasts, super lean ground beef, hindquarters, forequarters, halves of beef, lambs, half of whole hogs - are all offered at fair prices... quality guaranteed.

We have the largest processing cooler in the county, so we are never too full to receive an animal.

For a reasonable fee, salmon, trout, albacore or most any fish you catch can be smoked any way you like. Our gift packs are available on order for all occasions and can be shipped by U.P.S. along with any of our other smoked retail products. 
We also offer a wide variety of common and hard to find cheese at excellent prices. Salami, Summer Sausage, lunch meats, etc.

Marinated Meats~ We have 6 different Varieties to choose from:

Tri-Tip ~  Wine & Spice, BBQ, Spicy Mesquite, and Whiskey Pepper. 

Skirt Steak ~  Wine & Spice, BBQ, Spicy Mesquite, Whiskey Pepper, and Asian Sensation. 

Chicken ~ Wine & Spice, BBQ, Spicy Mesquite, Whiskey Pepper, Asian Sensation and Italian. 

Pork Loin ~  Wine & Spice.

Smoked Ham and Turkey ~ Both have won first place state awards since 1983 from the California Association of Meat Processors. They are available bone-in or boneless and are cured and smoked to perfection. The finest money can buy. 

Smoked Bacon ~ Our bacon is made the old fashioned way - slow smoked and cured with maple and brown sugar. Being dry cured, this bacon will not shrink like average brand bacon. We also make Canadian bacon, beef bacon, and pepper bacon.

Smoked  Beef Jerky ~ Smoked with hickory and dried slowly, our beef jerky may as well be beef candy! We make Teriyaki, black pepper, hot, pepper, BBQ, garlic, hickory, Turkey jerky and lean beef snack mix. Purchase more than a lb. and get a better price.

Smoked  Sausages ~
Practically every one of our smoked sausages have won a State award for quality and flavor. We have a link for every occasion! Breakfast or BBQ’s, We’ll be more than happy to help you find just what you are looking for.  

Smoked Pork Sausages ~ Bavarian Cheese, Jalapeno Cheese, Fiesta Cheddar, Ham Swiss, Linguisa, Portuguese Linguisa, Hot Cajun, Mild Cajun, Croatian Kobasica, Kolbasa, Hot Italian, Southwestern, Louisiana, polish, Hawaiian, Old Fashion Hot Dogs and Tomato basil Mozzarella. Chicken Sausage: Creolo, Andouille, Kolbasa, Sun Dried Tomato garlic Basil and Pesto. 

Fresh Sausages ~ The same quality as our smoked links, our fresh sausages are packaged and frozen to insure shelf life. They come either linked or in 1 lb. bulk packages. Our flavors are: Breakfast links, Apple Breakfast links, Hot Breakfast links, Chicken Apple links, Bulk Country Style, Bratwurst, Swedish Potato, Swiss Style, Chicken Pesto. 

BBQ Packages~ *Sampler Pack $89.75 1-Tri-Tip 2-Sirloin Steaks 4 lbs. Lean Ground Beef 1- Whole Chicken 1-pkg. Hot Dogs 1-pkg. Smoked Sausage

BBQ Bundle~ $104.95 4-Sirloin Steaks 1-London Broil 3-Ball Tips 5-Lbs Lean Ground Beef 2- Tri-Tips 

Beef Variety Pack~ $114.95 2-Rib Eye Steaks  1-Sirloin Steaks 2-BBQ Steaks 2-Top Round Steaks 1-Boneless Roast 1-Chuck Roast 2-Ball Tips 5-Lbs Lean Ground Beef 
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