image Jeremiah Mathews

Having grown up in Santa Cruz, I learned of Freedom Meats in the early 90s right after my first was born. Back then a few neighbors and I would go in to buy larger bbq packs of meats and we ALWAYS were super stoked ad satisfied after every single pu... Read more

I always recommend Freedom Meat Locker to everyone that ask where do you get your meat cut and rapped. Weather it is wild game or home grown they will take care of you!

And have the best selection of meats to chose from. Thank you Freedom Meats.

Sandy B.

I was born a raised in Watsonville and Freedom meat lockers was always my go to spot for specialty bbq's and high quality meats. I now live in Marina and I still make the trip out there when I can to get some meat. I love this place.

Felipe H.

I absolutely love Freedom Meat Lockers! The selection is awesome and the employees are knowledgeable and friendly. The first time that I went, I asked one of the butchers some questions about their products and he offered to give me a tour! So nice! The place is clean as a whistle and they have the best products!

Regina G.

Freedom Lockers is the BEST...I have made it a point to order a prime rib for Xmas every year. Seasoned perfectly, tender and juicy. They are the BEST butcher shop around in all facets. Completes the holiday!

Allison J.